Validating identify comcast

They do provide an alternative when asked about it.

Most probably they will ask some sort of a monetary deposit in order to open the account.

NBC, once on top, consistently struggles in the ratings battle.

But the more notable change in television is the way viewers consume their content in 2013.

Facebook XFINITY's main Facebook page has more than 4 million likes and features impressive video content, polls, contests, job info, support services, and tie-ins to other social media.

In addition to the main page, local markets support their own pages.

So let's assume they don't; then one of two things is happening. It may be that SSN is not supposed to be a required field if the customer is electing to pay the deposit, but that the form's validation is defined incorrectly and is requiring it in error.Scroll through the guide on your TV and you'll see scores of channels that you may never watch and countless shows that you never knew existed.The quantity of content out there is astounding (and at times, a little horrifying).We collect certain personally identifiable information that our subscribers furnish to us in connection with the provision of cable service or other services.In order to provide reliable, high quality service to you, we keep regular business records containing information about you that may constitute personally identifiable information.

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