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You can have separate instant message conversations with different people at the same time.

For example, you might be sending instant messages to your manager in one conversation, while checking with another person or group in another conversation.

Lync automatically saves your conversation history in Lync and in an automatically generated folder in Outlook called Conversation History.

If your conversation was an instant message, Lync will save the entire conversation.

We will hold a meeting," the Aam Aadmi Party convener added.

Claiming immediate action in Kumar's case, Kejriwal then goes on to attack the BJP and the Congress over their purported failure in acting against a range of leaders, including various Chief Ministers, accused in various corruption and other cases.

Though the Messenger is easily disabled for free by the user, this works because it creates a perceived need and then offers an immediate solution.

Reacting to the sex scandal involving his minister Sandeep Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal today released a video message in which he claimed he took immediate action as soon as the tape reached him, unlike his opponents in the BJP or the Congress who don't act against their leaders accused of various crimes.He said the AAP has "zero tolerance" towards any such act and action was taken within half-an-hour of receiving the CD.Kumar, who is the third minister who has been removed or forced out of the cabinet by Kejriwal since the formation of the government in February 2015, tweeted today that he was being targetted as he was a Dalit and alleged there was a "conspiracy" behind the alleged sex tape to frame him.Advertisers and scammers can gather this information, sign on to the service, and send unsolicited messages which could contain scam links, pornographic material, malware or ransomware .With most services users can report and block spam accounts, or set privacy settings so only contacts can contact them. Often times if the user responds they receive a URL inviting them to a private livestream that will ask them to enter creditcard details for "age verification".

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